A Wanderful Life

A Wanderful Life

This set of goals really just started off as a travelogue of place I want to visit.  For the most part it is the easiest of the goals to write.  It simply requires a bit of wanderlust and a desire to travel.  Getting us out to see the world is perhaps the greatest thing my parents ever did for us.  Our vacations to the beach often had a stop of historical significance (colonial Williamsburg, Mount Vernon, Monticello).  I learned to be a good traveler in the back of their van, reading many books, building Legos, and enjoying the changing scenery.  Travel breaks up routines.  It lets us know that there is a world beyond our homes and our jobs.

Traveling is also important for me now, because it lets me see family and friends.  My family is in Cincinnati, St. Louis, and San Diego, with Sara’s family in Eau Claire.  We do a fair bit of traveling just to get some face time with the people we love best.

A have an inner yearning for change.  Since leaving home for college in St. Louis, I’ve moved on average about every 3.28 years, over an average distance of 629 miles (not counting moves within a city).  Each of those moves left behind wonderful memories and friendships.  While Columbia is a nice town, I don’t think it is our forever home either.  So I envision another move in the future.  Being able to travel back to those cities, to catch up with friends, to take in the new sights, to drink local craft beers is certainly going to be an important travel goal.

So what kind of goals can I set for myself in terms of travel.

Take a vacation every year – it can be with family, it can be to visit friends but getting away from home for some extended period of time (that doesn’t involve Thanksgiving or Christmas) is a must.  It does not mean a beach vacation every year.  It doesn’t have to be expensive or extensively planned.  Just get out and go.

See all 50 States – I have currently visited 33 States (a visit constituting having been in the State, outside of an airport, and having seen something of cultural or natural significance from outside of the car). I may have been to 34 but I can’t remember anything about Deleware or why I might have visited so I put it back on the need to go list.  It would be great if we could arrange a vacation around visiting some of these States, but I’d be happy to visit for any reason.  It is a big and wonderful country we live in and I want to be able to say I’ve seen it all from sea to shining sea.

states visited map

Green are the States I’ve visited.

Go camping with Katie – Sara is better camper than me, but I love the idea of camping and I want to instill in Katie a sense of wonder in the natural world.  I’m not so totally delusional to think that camping with a toddler is going to be some amazing experience, but I think an overnight in the not too distant future will be great.  But starting early with the hiking and camping will make it easier later (perhaps? shit if I know. every kid is different). 8-24 010

Use my kayak more – I really love kayaking and fishing from the kayak.  I only really got to use it once last year. Hopefully this year I will get out on the water more. IMG_0736

Take Sara to my favorite place in the world: the Amazon – I wanted to do this for our honeymoon, but we had Kate instead.  Eventually, I want to share with Sara the wonders I have seen.  I know she is not a huge fan of the jungle hot, but I know she has the sense of adventure necessary to go.


Amazon Sunset

See the world – there are many places that I want to go and so many things I want to see.  Here are a few.  An African safari.  Ireland and England.  Europe.  Belize, Costa Rica basically any Central American country with jungles, beaches and a stable government with friendly relations to the US.

How will I accomplish these things?  I don’t know.  Travel is a luxury.  While it is important to me, often there are greater financial priorities.  But I think I can ensure that we get out of the house.  Combining some work with a bit of vacation is always great.  Or use a visit with friends as an opportunity to see a new state (I’m thinking of you Colorado).  Anyway it goes I’ll figure out a way to satisfy my wanderlust.