GOGOBEAR – A Personal Mission Statement.


So there are many things I want to do in the next year, the next five year, the next ten, twenty, thirty.  With those thoughts in mind and the lesson learned for GOAL298, I write this new mission statement: GOGOBEARGreat Opportunities, Goal, and Objectives Being Established as Achievable and Reasonable.   I really wanted to us GO-DOG-GO, but there were too many Os to find reasonable words for.  In all the name of the mission statement doesn’t matter as much as the content.  It is just an easy way for me to remember the plan and where I want to go.  As a bonus, GOGOBEAR has a physical manifestation in a stuffed bear with lots of meaning.  GoGo Bear was purchase at the Cincinnati Zoo, on the day I proposed to Sara, which was supposed to happen in front of the bears, but ended up happening in front of the orangutans.  She was also named by Katie, who was not sleeping one night and was picking up different stuffed animals in her bedroom to cuddle.  When she picked up the bear I asked her its name and she said GoGo, which may have been less naming and more I don’t wish to be put to bed right now, but I’m going with naming. img_7431-1

What I realized in writing it was that it suddenly became so large it was not going to fit into a single blog post that anyone would ever read.  It was also longer than I could hope to accomplish in a single sitting. I’ve decided my mission statement should be broken into parts, representing different aspects of my life and goals.  These intertwine and connect as needed, because I am a whole person, the sum of my parts.  Some of these things require more thought and introspection than others.   It is going to be a series of blog post each covering a specific aspect of my life.  It will cover the goals and objectives, but also how I think I can transition goals into action, taking into account all the things I’ve learned so far.

So here goes GOGOBEAR…

(these are listed in order of which they are likely to appear as complete thoughts)

The Start of GOGOBEAR
A Wanderful Life – See the world
An Organized Life – How do I get/keep my shit together
A Scientific Life – How do I find/keep my passion for science.
A Healthy Life – How do I obtain a healthy weight and habits.
A Physically Active Life – maintaining some level of physical fitness
A Creative Life – Do I have artistic ability, can I use it
A Constructed Life – Building things that are fun and potentially useful.
A Stable Financial Life – We all got bills to pay
A Loving Husband’s Life – steady as she goes
A Father’s Life – a parent/father should always have dreams and aspirations for their kid
An Accomplished Life – Where is my career going and how do I drive there.
A Fun-Filled Life – Self explanitory
A Natural Life – Getting out in nature, seeing wonderful things, maybe grow a plant
A Moral Life – What is my moral code and how do I ensure that I live up to it
A Spirited Spiritual Life – Finding calm and inner peace
An Active Social Life – Having friends, visiting old friends, keeping in touch
An Emotional Life – Getting in touch with what gets locked away sometimes
A Strenuous Life – Tackling the challenges of life head on and finding new ones.
A Progressive Life – Environmentalism and social justice are big here
An Empathetic Life – Helping others
A Directed Future Life – What do I want in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years.