Fishes of North America

Haiku of the fishes of North America.  I’ll start with my favorites and add as I go along

green sunfish

any body of water / is green sunfish habitat / as long as there’s prey

chain pickerel

languid drifting slide / through the weeds awaiting prey / chain pickerel hunt


pugnacious fighter / palm-sized powerhouse bluegill / always fun to catch

bluntnose minnow

a most common fish / with clear water habitat / the bluntnose minnow

Greenside Darter

Among the cobble / Of fast moving stream riffles / live greenside darters

orangethroat darter

breeding colors pop / bright for a bottom dwelling / orangethroat darter

mosquito fish

mosquito fish thrive / in swampy shallow places / keeps skeeters in check

fhm family

Plain fathead minnow / sacrifice for common good / aquatic hero