Fish Haiku

An ode to fish… in haiku form of course.

trout, salmon, ciscoesbuffalo, redhorse, suckerminnow, shiner, chub

Sunfish, bass, crappie / catfish, bullhead, and madtom / walleye, perch, darter

Gar, sturgeon, lamprey / muskie, pike, and pickerel / paddlefish, bowfin

Darting diamond scales / shiners small silver forms flash / bright blips below
Roiling riffle roll / darters dance, flash fluorescent / vibrant nuptial hues
Tiny but not alone / moving all in unison / schooling safe for now
Sanguine sensing sharks / sleekly sneaking, seeking prey / patrol the depths
Pesky piranhas / flashing fierce fast toothsome grins / then pick clean the bones
O’ Amazon stream / tetra-color explosion / so many species


This will be a linked-list of fish haiku by Region
Lake Superior – Great Lakes
Amazon River Basin

This will be a linked-list of fish haiku by Family then species.