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my day

The Commute. Driving man thinks / thinking while he is driving / his eyes on the road thinking about the future / thinking about his writing writing he must do / writing he wishes to do / writing out his … Continue reading

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New Fish Haiku

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Scientific analysis of salad lunch alternatives

A recent Buzzfeed article was published showing 17 recipes for people who hate salads.  My lovely wife, who knows and understands I hate salad, but am trying to eat healthier, sent me this link.  What I think this article fails … Continue reading

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Bad science makes me sad.

Dear Friends and Family, I love you, but you are making me crazy.  You need to stop posting/sharing things on Facebook that contain misinformation, lies, half-truths in the realm of science (you may of course continue to do so with … Continue reading

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I am a Fish Nerd/the Amazon Rainforest is awesome

I am a fish nerd.  I love fish decorations and fish tanks.  I love fishing but always more so to see the different types of fish that might bite my line than ever to worry about the biggest fish.  I … Continue reading

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