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Many Hats were Required to Kill a Plant

  There shouldn’t be much to killing a plant.  Don’t give it water or sunlight – Done. A misstep in the yard – squashed squash.  So many plants have gone that way.  But not yard weeds. They get stepped on, … Continue reading

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Unabashed love for grape flavored caffeine

I don’t drink coffee.  I don’t really like hot tea.  I need caffeine.  To get the requisite amount of caffeine to fire up the old thought engine I drink water flavored with packets of magical powders.  They aren’t really magical, … Continue reading

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New Fish Haiku

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Lettuce-less Salad

Let me start out by saying I hate lettuce and all lettuce related vegetables.  This includes the cabbages, kale, spinach, and what ever the yard clippings are that make up “spring mix”.  I will eat a salad on occasion, as … Continue reading

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Annoyed with Animals

Yesterday, my pets ruined most of my day.  It was Sunday and I was looking forward to sleeping in a bit.  Rio had other plans.  The birds of Spring are chirping earlier and earlier.  Rio hears them starting at about … Continue reading

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Sleepy word juxtaposition leads to insight.

This was a fleeting thought in the wee hours of the morning that turned round and round in my head.  It needed an escape, which is how this blog post was written.  Now that it is out, there is room for … Continue reading

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Rambler Takes a Punch, Keeps Rambling!

A few weeks ago Sara, Katie, and I were returning to Missouri from a weekend in Cincinnati. We were traveling along I-70 in Illinois when we struck a deer.  I was driving at 75mph, just above the speed limit, when … Continue reading

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