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On the occasion of my 42nd birthday, I thought I might reflect slightly on the last 40 years. Specifically, what I was doing on my birthday at 42, 32, and 22, 12, and 2.  Those years have been transition years.  … Continue reading

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Smokey and Snowball, my forty year friends

Another silly story about stuffed animals, who happen to be my oldest friends in the world, Smokey and Snowball A mismatched pair of grizzled old bears Tell stories, tall and long Of days gone by Where adventure was nigh With … Continue reading

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Christmas Early, Christmas Late, Christmas Right on Time

Christmas Early, Christmas Late, Christmas Right on Time Our families are important things and visit them we must. Christmas early, Christmas late Christmas thrice for us! We arrange our schedules as best we can between thanksgiving and the new year … Continue reading

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Silly Poems about Stuffed Animals

Sometimes when I am just sitting my bed listening to Kate through the monitor I hear her talking to her stuffy friends.  When it is quiet I think about them talking back to her.  I imagine them with their own feelings … Continue reading

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On Fatherhood, Twenty Months In.

A two years ago I wrote a blog about fatherhood and my father.  My dad was undergoing knee replacement surgery and I was thinking a lot about him and his influence on my life.  I was newly married and four … Continue reading

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