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Is it Monday?

Is it Monday? Warm spring evening As the sun sets Small warblers flit in the big tree Eating gnats Gathering strength For north woods summer nests Small fire pit glows Pops quietly as birds sing Evening songs In my backyard … Continue reading

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ThanXmas 2017

We celebrated / ThanXmas with my family / gathered together We rented a strangers house / but soon it felt just like home Katie and I relax / Climb on top of uncle Mark / Girls watch together Morning sunrises / a … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts Thursday

Last night I was feeling tired and a bit run down, with a headache. So, shortly after I put Katie to bed, I laid down in the quiet dark bedroom.  As could be expected, I was soon asleep.  About 11 … Continue reading

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my day

The Commute. Driving man thinks / thinking while he is driving / his eyes on the road thinking about the future / thinking about his writing writing he must do / writing he wishes to do / writing out his … Continue reading

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Light show

Post midnight Cannot sleep Things buzzing Around my head Around the room Intermittent flashes Not the blinking LED Of charging phones Organic, moving Here now there Across the ceiling Than low on the dresser A signal The room is dark … Continue reading

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Random thoughts suitable for blogging

The last thing I wrote was some serious introspection about the transitions that come as decades pass.  From that writing, it would seem they (transitions) really seem to come in ordinated clusters. In the case of 42-32-22-12-2, the ordination would … Continue reading

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Many Hats were Required to Kill a Plant

  There shouldn’t be much to killing a plant.  Don’t give it water or sunlight – Done. A misstep in the yard – squashed squash.  So many plants have gone that way.  But not yard weeds. They get stepped on, … Continue reading

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