a head full of haiku

Saw aquarium show / fancy tanks reignite love/ for fish-keeping fun

Fish tank Degobah / fish and Jedi are the best / maybe I’ll build one.

Our fish, Tiny Steve / grew up, now Medium Steve / soon to be Big Steve

Severum Cichlid Steve / is now recovering from / being sick with Ich

New tanks of water / rocks and stone, fish and plants await / fish nerd excitement

Kate so excited / a new betta named Baitie / who lives in her room

Brilliant red betta / proudly swims with flared out fins / He shall be called: Red

Five AM freak-out / busy night, scratch, run, wake dog / now curled-up asleep

ladies love the couch / not much happens during the day / secret nap buddies

snow day napping time / everyone gets snuggled in / how long can this last

Sometimes in your dreams / sharp, wet rocks are underfoot / so sleep in swim shoes

Setting up chore board / Katie loves to check off tasks / upset when she can’t

Got lefty scissors / went right to work on her hair / Dad right of passage

Kate cut her own bangs / done while Sara was away / didn’t do half bad

Busy writing a list / groceries we need this week / how to spell: turkey

holding a piglet / hard work as it kicks and squeals / almost got away

Holding baby chicks / is Katie’s favorite thing / so soft and peepy

helping dig us out / her kid-sized shovel in hand / how she loves the snow

Wild wind whips and whoops / push pinwheel past pivot point / burns bright in breakup

Slight orange crust on snow / Texas dust transferred up North / global particles

Spring snow still falling / peeps of green spring, now covered / maybe spring next week

Snow flies like stars / blur as we jump to light speed / fast as Ford Flex flies

snows not yet stopping / but melting as it hits ground / only to form ice

many bird feeder / sixteen species just this week / happy to feed them

dark little birds flit / flashing white bellies and tails / our own junko flock

Pottery art plant / crashed down, cracked from faulty hook / now needs repairs

Epoxy rescue / fix is solid, but messy / also describes me

 A lot of haiku / floating in my head need out / brain to pen to blog

Escaping haiku / many ideas few words / concrete the abstract


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