Larry the Green Unicorn

A green unicorn named Larry
Had hooves that were incredibly hairy
But he didn’t care
About his foot hair
It made him unique
From his head to his feet
And mostly he was quite merry

But in a herd
Where conform was the word
There was much debate
About Larry’s foot trait
Never mind that he’s green
His feet cause the scene
They said “get your hair trim,
So you can fit in!”

Larry was sad, how could this be
Why can’t my herd just let me be me
But the herd was protection
from things that are scary
Cause often the world
Wasn’t always so merry

So Larry did what he thought he must do
And had his feet trimmed while feeling quite blue
At least, Larry thought, now I will fit in
The teasing will stop, my new time begin

So the newly shorn Larry went back to the herd
But the herd just all laughed, singing “get out of here nerd”
You coat is all shaggy, and too green don’t you think
Our coats sleek and shiny and purple and pink 🦄🦄

Larry was strong in body and mind
But his spirit was broken by words quite unkind
He needed the herd, to provide him protection
But better alone than their cruel rejection

So he wondered away to face his sad fate
But before he got far a voice said “Hey wait!”
I heard what they said, their words were unkind
You can join our herd where no one will mind
If you’re green or you’re orange, with long hair or short
Or two or three horns, we love all sorts

The wonderful voice was Clarisse Pegicorn 
Whose wings clacked together since the day she was born
The herd was quite different and really diverse
All colors, all species, a new universe

Merry once more with the new herd around
Larry could feel his spirit rebound
He found a new home with acceptance and love
With support and safety,  if push came to shove

The moral, thought Larry, is simply profound
Help someone up, instead of pushing them down.
And find all the beings hurting inside
Say “I know that it hurts, I’m right by your side”
Accept everybody for the things that they are
And you’ll gather your herd to help you go far!

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