Pig and Puffin’s Jig and Muffin

A pig and a puffin

Own the Jig and Muffin

A bakery and dancing hall

The cake a delight

Two step out of sight

With lessons for one and all

Toots the pigs got the beat

Puffy puffins got sweets

The venue unique and eclectic

With hardwood and marble

The place is a marvel

The music from waltz to electric

Tarts, scones, and cuppies

Come hipsters and yuppies

We serve all who wish to enjoy

For love is love

And in practice thereof

We treat all with kindness and joy

With lessons in dancing

And baked good romancing

Our weekdays are always quite busy

On Fridays we dance

Saturday wedding romance

On Sundays we calm down the tizzy

So a pig and a puffin

Run the Jig and Muffin

And have a great time each day

Each uses their skills

To pay all the bills

And turn the hard work into play!

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