Future Day

Tomorrow is future day at Katie’s new school (daycare till actual school-school starts after Labor Day). For future day kids are supposed to dress like the career they want in the future. Which is great if you want to be a chef or a firefighter. But what if you want to be an aquatic toxicologist (who mostly wears khakis and a polo shirt) or a child and family advocate (who in my experience wear primarily Lularoe). Across the great kaleidoscope of jobs, the ones with specific and recognizable uniforms are pretty few. Plus we can’t all be astronauts and cowboys. What is the computer programmers uniform? A schlubby band t-shirt and jeans – also the official uniform of more than a few scientists.

Ready to be a Lularoe spokes model!

The other future day dilemma is that since we just started this school today, I did not know about future day until this afternoon. Then we (Kate, Sara, and I) forgot to discuss it. So now I have to ask Kate about in the morning. Then, once she answers, figure out how to make the right outfit or eat gaslight help her into making a choice that we already have on hand (pirate, chef, MD, Lularoe consultant). It is a tricky proposition in that in order to get her to wear it she has to be at least a little excited about it, but if she gets overly excited about something we don’t have / can’t figure out she will start the day sad and disappointed (or super villain level snarky/angry because she’s 4). I want her to aspire to do great things. But maybe tomorrow we’ll just try to focus on what we’ve got lying around.

Maybe she can be Moana. That would be a good job I think.

On a positive note, I packed my first kid lunch and it looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

Lunch in her bento box!

The Turkey squirrels are hopefully a hit. She likes things rolled in a tortilla. We made several variants. Liverwurst squirrels, PB&J squirrels, ham squirrel. We call them squirrels as our first inside joke. One day I made them up for her and was calling them swirls, rather than wrap or roll-up, and I misspoke. I called it a braunschweiger squirrel. She giggled and said “Daaayid, I don’t eat squirrels”! And thus was born the joke. Forever in our house anything rolled up in a tortilla shall be a squirrel.

mmmmmm, Turkey squirrels!

Ok, enough for tonight. I need to rest up for tomorrow mornings challenge. But at least lunch is made.

POST SCRIPT: Kate demanded chose to wear a floral dress today. In keeping with the floral theme I suggested a botanist as a future day outfit. Kate, not really understanding what a botanist is or what botany was, was more amenable to being a gardener. To round out the outfit we picked a squash from the garden, a watering can, and gardening clogs (aka crocs). She looked adorable as always.

POST post script: upon arriving no at school, my minimalist approach to future day was validated, as all the other children seemed to have also chosen minimalist future day outfits. Theses mostly consisted of regular clothing with the occasional future directed T-shirt. Although it is very unlikely that Hulk or Lego Ninja are obtainable future careers, it is great to dream big.

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