More silly poems about stuffed animals

Bumble Bear – chef


Bumble Bear loves apples and pears
But any fruit will do.
Cold, warm, or hot, she eats them a lot
Her favorite is Bumble’s stew

She makes it herself from things on her shelf
And fruit she picks from the trees
Orange, lemon, limes, and peaches into the brine
All mixed up with joyful glee

She cooks for her friends, who enjoy it no end
And tell her she cooks like a pro
She gives them a wink, toss the spoon in the sink
And off to her restaurant they go!

She cooks duck confit with apples and Brie
And mango with roast honey glaze
First one course, then two, and then comes the stew
And everyone’s full and amazed

As chef de cuisine she arrives on the scene
Her restaurant is quite the sensation
With her talent for food, and her joyful good mood
The night ends with a standing ovation

Zagiree Bruin – graphic artist


Zagiree Bruin has books that she drew in
As early as memories go
And as Zag grew, her talents did too
From paper to digital flow

She draws all the day in black and in grey
And the color her mind can project
Her canvas and clay are the pixels that play
On her monitor, while she directs

Each little scene appears on her screen
For comics, for ads, and for art
Her favorites she knows she holds onto those
Because they are a part of her heart.

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