ThanXmas 2017

We celebrated / ThanXmas with my family / gathered together

We rented a strangers house / but soon it felt just like home

Katie and I relax / Climb on top of uncle Mark / Girls watch together
Morning sunrises / a lovely view through fall trees / from the parking lot

Not about the space / it is the people you love / making spirits bright

Add in some holiday cheer / Some card games, some wine, some beer

On Thursday, turkey / and food galore, we ate till / we could eat no more

Thankful for our blessings, true / mindful of our privilege too

discussion with beer / Pete and Dad find football spots / Sara and I rest

On Friday, hiking / up we went, up on the ridge / along river’s bend

Not alone to opt-outside / families, dogs of every size

We all sought nature / took pictures with our smart phones / ignored irony

Cousins together / then riding in a backpack / even my Mom hiked
Pose for a picture / Keep pace with pregnant Julie / Rio went swimming

A rest for the little ones / some light shopping for others

Then, Italian food / the Hill, twelve for dinner, sure / pasta and t-ravs.

A fish bowl of beer / looks much different depending / on who’s holding it

Long day, sleep calls the cranky / but there’s still more fun to have. Saturday presents

Christmas comes early this year / hybrid holidays

Living far from families / celebrate time together

No Santa presents / but toddlers delight to see / presents to open

Books and toys and clothes and more / great gifts and lovely feelings

Goetta cooked up right / Kate excited to open / look at all the stuff
Rio in the fray / Taylor and Mark aww moment / lovely purple quilt
Kids play inside box / Mark are those some Lularoe? / Dragons love tacos

Sunday, show on road / pack-up, clean-up, saying goodbye / to great family time

Over the river, through woods / west to home, as the sun sets.


Walking together / great ending to a long hike / cousins holding hands


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