my day

The Commute.

Driving man thinks / thinking while he is driving / his eyes on the road
thinking about the future / thinking about his writing
writing he must do / writing he wishes to do / writing out his thoughts
his thoughts that run and run on / Small, mundane thoughts, wild free thoughts
did he pay that bill / what super power he’d pick / aquatic powers
they would help him do his job / a small fantasy to dream
Everyone can’t be / superman or a Jedi / someone needs to think
About water quality / and pollution reduction
The man laughs a bit / even in his dreams he thinks / about his science
to create minute changes / in his Sisyphean stone
His radio drones / languorous voices speak on / the woe of the world
Weighed down, heavy thoughts persist / he turns off the radio
He frets as he drives / about things he cannot change / thinks on things he can
Broad strokes of an idea / a mind seed planted, nourished
His car moves forward / slower than his thoughts progress / his time to think deep
Before more pressing concerns / jubilantly insistent.
Emerge chattering / about her day and her thoughts / his fretting dissolves
Focus turns to snacks, singing / speakers sing out silly songs
Short commute refresh / aware, await swinging moods / toddler emotion
Present, here and now, thoughts / languid, lucid forgotten
Dog need to go out / dinner facilitated / stop at store for milk
Call commuting spouse on phone / passenger bolsters safe drive
Into the drive way / thoughts on hold till later / his minds life pauses

The Sleep.

The man grows tired / shuffles to the door, finds shoes / to let the dog out
So maybe she won’t wake up / and need out at three AM.
Weather outside nice / dog sniffs, seeks to expand turf / and finally goes
Inside, grumbles, turns off lamps / he checks that the doors are locked
Blanket unfolded / his wife already tucked in / he tells her good night.
They briefly, sleepily talk / about today, tomorrow
Phone goes off, light out / the dog jump up crowds his space / cats purr near his head
Crowded despite the king size / but soon they all find their groove
His groove actual / carved out by too much fast food / and too cheap a bed
But it is his sleepy place / comfort not comfortable
His eyes start to close / His thoughts, paused by daily life / surface in quiet
His mind, thoughts are racing through / unchecked and unfiltered thoughts
He seeks to control / starting a focus mantra / now is time for sleep
Repeat, repeat, and repeat / he calms his mind bit by bit
He focuses on / innocuous ideas / without consequence
What if he won the lotto? / What if he were a Jedi?
Sleep arrives mid-thought / world stops for a few hours / his dreams now arrive
Immune to his own snoring / All is well, quiet until
A furtive cat runs / a loud dog barks, gives chase / stomps on the man’s leg
Alert, he will rise / check the clock, find relief / it is 5 AM
He takes the woke dog outside / dog runs back in, claims his spot
Quick shove moves dog / moves quietly back to bed / to not wake family
Small noises in quiet dark / lurking cat, fish tank gurgles
A restless short sleep / more eyes closed meditation / before his day starts.

A Man Rises

Alarm sounds early / Alert, favorite song sings / Woke dog chases cat
Normal morning routine start / Dog walk, shower, prep for day
Six AM, outside / All quiet, a few birds cheep / Man waits, a dog sniffs
The chilled air of fall settles / Dew wet grass clings to feet
Dog finds the right spot / Man finds acorn with soft foot / Silent mourning breaks
Grumbling, the man limps in / To covers, recover sleep
Baby is awake / Too early, she chats away / Telling her stories
Her stuffed animals listen / She discusses today’s plan
The man listens too / Smiling and proud he prepares / Quiet, morning breaks

Morning Time.

Man and woman, both awake / alternate shower, kid prep
the man picks his clothes / pick some clothes for the child / with substitution
cartoon monkey talks / real cats and dog pace around / await breakfast time
The man tries to ponytail / hair askew woman fixes.
Food for everyone / kibble for the dog and cats / the man eats yogurt
The child eats cereal / the woman blends a smoothie
All head for the door / into cars for their commute / school and work await
The man drives his kid to school / there is much they do discuss
Which show is the best / is tonight a dance class night / mac and cheese dinner?
He walks her into classroom / slight soul tweaks with each leaving
He watches her play / a minute through the window / then on to his work.
The office, a short quick drive / he makes a mental task list
His office quiet / the man begins his workday / in repetition.

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