Light show

Post midnight
Cannot sleep
Things buzzing
Around my head
Around the room

Intermittent flashes
Not the blinking LED
Of charging phones
Organic, moving
Here now there
Across the ceiling
Than low on the dresser

A signal
The room is dark
But I’m awake
Wide eyed
Waiting for the blink
To make sure it is not
In my head

Visual cortex signals
Real or imagined
Burned in from
In the darkness
Waiting for more
Or nothing
Or maybe sleep
One more blink

Up high again
The ceiling fan spins
A bright arc To the floor
A fading glow
A lightning bug
Trapped no more
I close my eyes
Last light arc
As sleep arrives.midnightarc

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1 Response to Light show

  1. Lee, Patricia M. says:

    Love This!!!! ________________________________


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