Christmas Early, Christmas Late, Christmas Right on Time

Christmas Early, Christmas Late, Christmas Right on Time
Our families are important things
and visit them we must.
Christmas early, Christmas late
Christmas thrice for us!

We arrange our schedules as best we can
between thanksgiving and the new year
Making time to travel and to gather
all whom we hold dear.

And when that time arrives each year
it’s time to prep the car.
For I know the time has come
to travel near and far.

Over the rivers and through the woods
is ever quaint in song.
To reach loved ones we must traverse
a road that over long

We pack and prep and wrap and fret,
the weather ever changing.
All the stuff we want to bring
requires rearranging.

These last few years our Christmas trek
have been an L of sorts
One leg we travel North to South
then East to West we cavort.

And even though we travel far,
the trip is always joyous.
For we know at journeys end
families love will buoy us

First travel north to Wisconsin
With snow cold, and white
Hand knit stockings hung and filled
All merry and bright

We dine with our families
And chat with old friends
And Bentleyville lights
That never seem to end.img_9497

Then we travel south to home
arrive at midnights chime
Only to head out eastbound
in a few weeks time

At home it’s Christmas early
For Sara, Kate, and me
We share our family presents
Piled under our own tree.

Then Cincinnati and my parent’s house
For our Christmas Day
With babies, parents, siblings, and spousesimg_9587
Aunts, uncles, cousins join the fray

We celebrate in joyful chaos,
that is loving and is kind
We stay up late to celebrate
Santa sure won’t mind.

Then comes Christmas morning
the wrapping paper flies
as jolly toddlers unwrap the things
that no money buys.

A few short days later
Our car packed to the gills
We are traveling home again
With our holiday fill

Long hours in the car
But we travel well
Happy to be home once more
with Christmas tales to tell

The next day Sara’s folks arrive
For our Christmas late
A few more terffic presents
And fun dinners on the plate

We had Christmas early
And late and on time.
With many joyous miles behind us
We end this rhyme.

Katie lines up her new toys – lots of wheels!

Opening presents is a fast moving operation!

Sara, Katie, Betsy, and Julie going into Christmas Mass



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