Toothpick, the burrito loving bear

toothpickToothpick the bear
loved burritos. It’s fair
to say she’d eat them every day.
She liked them with chicken
and all of the fixins,
but she’d eat them any old way.

Despite all the calories
she is still thin, it seems
Toothpick’s an exercise fan.
She likes to go run
for health and for fun
and burritos are part of her plan

With all the food groups,
better than fruit loops,
Burritos are the perfect dinner.
Add extra veggies,
and nacho cheese wedgies
a tortilla wrapped treat is a winner
She eats a variety,
of foods in her diet. She
uses some spices to flavor it.
Toothpick, she knows,
as far as food goes,
cannot eat only her favorites.
She eats healthy snacks
that her mommy packs
wrapped in foil and tucked in her lunch
Toothpick will wait
for a later date
And dream of burritos to munch!

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