Yet more fish haiku with art


pugnacious fighter / palm-sized powerhouse bluegill / always fun to catch

mosquito fish

mosquito fish thrive / in swampy shallow places / keeps skeeters in check

bluntnose minnow

a most common fish / with clear water habitat / the bluntnose minnow

leaf fish

camouflage expert / amazing protrusal mouth / Amazon leaf fish

For these last three, I had the haiku done, but no artwork.  The green sunfish and festivum cichlid pictures are mine, the mosquito fish was from the internet. All will be replaced with art when I have a moment.  (UPDATE 7/10 Mosquito fish and green sunfish has been replaced).

green sunfish

any body of water / is green sunfish habitat / as long as there’s prey

#55 Festivum Cichlid

top water dweller / in streams and flooded forest / festivum cichlid

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