The Christmas Ramble

We Ramblers travel to all sorts of events.
None quite as joyous as Christmas’ spent
among family and friends, all those we hold dear.
A holiday ramble for reasons quite clear.WP_001803

We travel by airplane by bus and by car
to reach destinations as guided by star.
The weather is rough and the traffic is bad
But it all melts away when we reach Mom and Dads222

Where once it was six, it has blossomed quite well.
Four SOs, two babies, our ranks they do swell
Add in Grandparents, Aunt, Uncles, Cousins
Some pets and some friends, the whole place is buzzin’089

With so many schedules and new family ties
The holidays get sliced up like so many pies
This year ThanksChristmasGiving was held with my clan
And up North for Christmas was the rest of the plan

077From our home in Missouri we ramble on East
For presents, and tree hunt, and thanksgiving feast
With the babies and dogs we gather together
To drink and tell stories we haven’t heard in “forever”.

With lasagna and strata we refuel our tanks
But nothing is better than those “hanky panks”
Then, white elephant gifts to make us all laugh
dirty lawn gnome, bean boozled, and a farting giraffe

hanky panks (2)

These are hanky panks

The next thing that’s up is to cut down the tree
A family tradition in year forty three
We search and we search to find one just right
To realize to late, we’ve misjudged the height131116


The next day we’ve gathered to sit and exchange
Gifts picked from lists, within a certain price range.
Then present for babies, with no limitation
it seems like they got every toy in creation.


A few tears were shed, and naps were long gone
The Ramblers tired but they just partied on.
Great times all around, such a fantastic year
our hearts and our bellies swollen with cheer.


The presents all packed up, the tree strapped to the roof
Babes wave goodbye and make faces, those goofs
First holiday over, the Ramblers head home
Back to the West, where Ramblers roam


This tale isn’t finished, just taking a snooze
There’s more hear to tell, the holiday’s part deux
But for now we are home with our heavy work load
Just few short days later we’re back on the road.241

Sickness slows starting on a warm sunny day
that turned into rain and slush and delays
But we made our way North, to the wife’s place of birth
To celebrate Christmas with much joy and mirth.

We arrive in Wisconsin with the new fallen snow
and moon bright and shiny for Christmas, ho ho.
We arrive to bright smiles and hugs and some kisses
We chat bout the drive and all the near misses.20151226_180017628_iOS

Our arrival was late, so we get right to bed
while visions of cheese heads dance in our head
On Christmas eve morning the baby can’t wait
Maybe one little present her appetite will sate.


We must wait for Santa, the nana implores
quite sound advice, that the baby ignores.
She’s learned about presents and wrapping and such
From the first round of Christmas she loved so much

Then some short rambles to see some old friends
with hugs and some pizza, starts positive trends
Then more friends, old stories, and new feats to cheer
I got to talk about science about fish about beer.308

Then back round to family and the evenings dinner
A lasagna holiday is always a winner.
After dinner some present to kick start the cheer
And those family stories are such fun to hear.


Now head back to bed before Santa delivers
but first snack on braunschweiger, yuck, made of livers
A quiets night sleep is just what we sought
and since no naps were taken that’s what we got.

Then Christmas morning our first Santa gift
A teddy named Philbin gave the baby a lift
He was quite large and filled her with glee
As she dug him on out from under the tree.

The rest of the time seems to blur out of sight
because of one present that I got that night.
Some engraved collar stays had made me to weep
it’s what I tell the baby when she goes to sleep

Some the trip is not over we still must return
to travel back south with fuel to burn
But for this current minute, our poem must append
Or it might keep on rambling, it might never end

That’s why we travel and take time away
To be with our loved ones on these holidays
We Ramblers ramble for all sorts of reasons
but the best rambles of all are for the holiday season!20151226_174130388_iOS165

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