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The Christmas Ramble

We Ramblers travel to all sorts of events. None quite as joyous as Christmas’ spent among family and friends, all those we hold dear. A holiday ramble for reasons quite clear. We travel by airplane by bus and by car … Continue reading

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Homemade Goetta

So this weekend I decided to make homemade goetta.  After being home in Cincinnati over Thanksgiving and only getting a small taste of the regional favorite I wanted some more.  Unfortunately, it is something that can only be purchased in … Continue reading

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My Love of Star Wars

My Love of Star Wars. I love Star Wars.  I have loved Star Wars from the first moment of hearing the John Williams’ score over the opening credits.  I love Luke and Leia and lightsabers.  I collected and played with … Continue reading

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Bandaids, the external-internal stress meter.

After the last post I did more thinking.  Sometimes, it is not depression at the root of the problem, but anxiety and stress.  If you know me, you probably know that outwardly I’m a pretty cool customer.  I work well … Continue reading

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Sleepy word juxtaposition leads to insight.

This was a fleeting thought in the wee hours of the morning that turned round and round in my head.  It needed an escape, which is how this blog post was written.  Now that it is out, there is room for … Continue reading

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