Getting Ready to Ramble

So we are preparing to depart Duluth for our new adventure in Columbia, Missouri.  The Rambler is almost ready with Kayaks strapped to the top.  It is currently full with our recent purchase of a bar/buffet table from the First Witness Splash Event.  20141004_202945784_iOSOur house is filled with box after box, yet there is still so much to pack.  I’m not really sure what is in the boxes, but based on some of the labels that I have read (books, BOOKS!, heavy books, damn heavy books, and Holy Shit even more damn heavy books) it would be reasonable to assume that the contents are indeed books.  Sara and I have a lot of books between us, as we both are avid readers and highly educated.  I also have a huge collection of fish taxonomy books from various states (including the Fishes of Missouri, and Texas, Tennessee, Alabama, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the eastern seaboard).  The snarky labels were provided by Sara’s mom, the truly terrific Pat Lee.  She has been gracious enough over the last few weeks to come up from Eau Claire and help us out with packing and baby watching, and we are very grateful.  With only three days left in Duluth I find myself worried about all the stuff that needs to be done, anxious about the new job and new life in Columbia, and yet strangely compelled to write a blog about it, wasting time that I could be spending accomplishing some things that need accomplishing.  Yesterday was spent in a bit of nostalgia packing, as I went through all my old files from my days in Houston, Cincinnati and Waco, and even some older days.  Among the things I found were a rubbermaid tub full of Legos, that even if Katie hates I will never get throw away (including a lot of Star Wars Legos that were mainly purchased in the last 15 years).  I also found the menu for the Mammer Jammer, a dive resturant in St. Louis we once visited only to return with a series of “cheese” “steak” sandwiches of such indescribable hotness that I thought several of my fraternity brothers were going to explode.  I also found my college diploma (written in Latin).  I found insurance payment forms and repair quotes for my Gray Ranger for an accident I cannot remember at all, I literally have no memory of having someone hit my car and pay for repairs of it in 2006.  I guess that is one of those things that just passes through your brain only to be replaced by more important things, like remembering the combo to your junior high locker (38, 15, 26).  I also found innumerable papers on pharmaceuticals and piranhas in the environment (presented separately, although together they would make an excellent paper if I could be the one to write it).  I also shredded bank documents and student loan forms from 10 years ago.  There is something to be said for exhilaration of running parts of your past through a paper shredder (if only I could run the year 2002 through).  In all I reduced three file boxes down to about 3/4 of one box.

While that took most of last night, this morning I figured I would turn off the chest freezer in the basement, in order to dry it out and ready it for the trip.  Inside I found several containers full of mystery stew (a mystery because it is so freezer burnt that the ingredients can no longer be discerned along the sides of the plastic container).  I also found cake from our wedding that we carefully packaged and froze in vacuum sealed food saver bags.  There was also pizza, from the night after our wedding that we froze too.  Thinking that I could be less wasteful, I decided I would take some of that seven month old frozen pizza to work for lunch.  At the time I remember the pizza being most excellent St. Patrick’s day special of corned beef, potatoes and cabbage/sauerkraut.  I reheated it to a good temperature and at a two pieces.  As I was about to eat the third, a little voice in my head said “don’t eat it”.  If you know me (or have seen me in a picture), you understand that the “don’t eat it” voice is seldom heard and summarily ignored in almost all occasions.  Yet, this was different. I stopped with a bit in my mouth and spit it discreetly into an napkin.  As it sits now, I’m pretty sure that it was a good decision.  My tummy is an unhappy rumble.  Hopefully, it will pass without consequences, but I currently have my doubts.  I’m betting my current plan of flooding the system with a liter of water will tip the balance in one direction or the other.

So with so much to do, I best get back to doing it.  I leave you with some throwback pictures from random places.  I am looking forward this new adventure, especially once we get this packing and moving out of the way.  THE RAMBLER IS MISSOURI BOUND!


Move out of the TKE House at St. Louis University, the day after graduation.

Graduation 106

My parents with me dressed as a fat wizard, after having turned a charging bear to metal.

Mom and Jason

Happy Halloween Jason and his Mom, Barb in 1975.


Easter 1988

Brooks Lab dinner

Brooks lab dinner circa 2010.


Sometime you eat the piranha.

Chicago 2013 885

I love Sara Lee.


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