Late Summer Neighborhood Flowers

Late summer flowers
Bloom imperfect beauty
explode with color

20140904_221252108_iOS 20140904_221405069_iOS 20140904_221416401_iOS 20140904_221443798_iOS 20140904_221454367_iOS 20140904_221516194_iOS 20140904_221530834_iOS 20140904_221722470_iOS 20140904_221730155_iOS 20140904_221754150_iOS 20140904_221800705_iOS 20140904_221817829_iOS 20140904_221838262_iOS 20140905_120655246_iOS 20140905_120713840_iOS 20140905_120751087_iOS 20140905_120758827_iOS 20140905_120812130_iOS 20140905_120826161_iOS 20140905_120901124_iOS 20140905_121401440_iOS 20140905_121428996_iOS 20140903_222945152_iOS 20140904_221005439_iOS 20140904_221013665_iOS 20140904_221020981_iOS 20140904_221204438_iOS 20140904_221220961_iOS

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