Free Stuff For YOU!!!!

So as you may have read from my previous blog ( we are moving to Colombia MO (COMO for all the cool kids).  We now have a house to live in, so plans feeling very solid.

new house

Our new house!


Buddy I’ve got a deal for you!

This means we have to get busy packing.  We have a lot of things, both Sara and I, and we’ve recently acquired even more with the arrival of Katie and her subsequent accouterments.  Of the great many things we have, there are a number of them which we do not wish to move.  Some of the objects that we currently own but have found little to no use in our current lives.  Often replacements have been purchased or perhaps upgrades, or in some cases time and effort have relegated them to the basement. These things, are however, not useless or often without value, but rather in the utilitarian bloodbath that is moving there must be sacrifices made. So as to appease my inner love for things, rather than discard these items or donate them to Goodwill, I first would like to query my friends to see if perhaps they can find homes or use for our things, some of which are free if you are willing to take it, others were are asking a nominal but negotiable price.


55 gallon aquarium. I have a shop light with aquarium bulbs, plus glass tops for it.


20 gallon low 12x12x30 inches.


29 gallon aquarium 18x12x30


20 gallon low 12x12x30 plus 2 1/2 gallon tanks (I have two).

The first thing I have too many of are Fish Tanks: 20, 29, and 55 gallons ( $0.50 per gallon or $1 a gallon and I’ll throw in accessories like lids, lights, and filters).  Over the course of my life I’ve probably bought 40 fish tanks or more (not including those I bought specifically for research).  Some have broken (very seldom) some were left after various moves, and others I gave away.  I still have about 10 tanks.  That is currently too many to move (I’m keeping three).  The ones I’m selling I haven’t used in the three years I’ve lived in Duluth, hence I’m selling them.  If you really want one (or even if you just sort of want one, but have some room in the garage) let me know, and I’ll hook you up. I swear I’ll even clean them up.

Fish – if you want a whole set up with fish and plants and everything I can help you too. I have three different tanks of fish right now that I am not taking with me to Missouri.  Moving fish is possible but difficult, especially since we are already moving Katie (the baby), Rio (the dog), Stella and Mosley (the cats).  I have a really cool Severum Cichlid named Steve. He has a lot of personality and is quite active. He is big enough to be fun, but not so aggressive to be annoying (oscar cichlids are like that).  I also have two beautiful Rosey Barbs which I call the murder fish because they tend to murder any tank mates they get (at least anyone smaller than them). I got them from my friends Ted and Sheena after they murdered half their tank full of fish.  I didn’t quite believe them until it happened in my tanks where they murdered all their tank mates.  I also have a community tank full of peaceful tetras and a pleco catfish. It is full of plants that grow well under aquarium lights.


Fishing rods: make an offer. (Funny how these things of mine tend to revolve around fish). I have 3 extra fishing rods (I’m keeping many, many more). They are in perfect shape, but are hard to move because they are one piece and I haven’t used them in many years. Two are bait casting rods (one Diawa one with reel the other Mitchel), and I’m not sure if they have ever been used (I tried and failed to use a baitcaster). The other is a really nice spinning rod – 6ft Shakespeare Ugly Stick.



Camera: Nikon D70 digital SLR camera $30 (includes extra battery and charger and two lenses. This works good still. The lenses aren’t perfect and it only shoots at 6 mega pixels, but if you want learn how to use a digital SLR or want a backup or just something to keep around in case something interesting happens this is the deal for you. It went with me to the Amazon and on a couple of other adventures, so I know it will take great pictures. It takes special memory cards but I’ll throw in more than you’ll ever need, plus the cables to download them to the computer.


Smoker/Grill: make an offer. This is a really great system, but needs to be cleaned up. I have never used it, but it has all the parts needed to be used as a grill or a smoker. I got it for free, so if you can use it I’ll be happy to pass it along. (Sorry to disappoint anyone, but this item has already been claimed by Brett, who as a geographically/occupationally displaced Texas has first right of refusal on meat smoking related objects).



RCA Stereo Surround Sound $40 to free: This still works and if you have need for a stereo with surround sound it is great. It has cables to hook up to your TV or DVD/bluray and I’m even including cables to attach your phone or ipod through the headphone jack (works great). We transitioned to a smaller much more portable system, but these speakers can still pump out the jams.


Sony Five Disk CD Changer -Also, If you still use CDs and have a use for an excellent changer this is the one for you. Amazingly thisCD changer lasted through college fraternity parties and 71/2 cross country moves (Cincinnati-St. Louis-Cincinnati-Oxford-Houston-Cincinnati-Waco-Duluth).



Snow Shovel: Yep I’m tempting fate and not taking it with me.  Free to a deserving home.


Broken post hole digger: This showed up in my yard as I was about to complete my PhD at Baylor.  At the time I thought it was symbolic, a post-hole digger for a PhD, but now I just find it heavy.  So if you want it, please take it for free.  With a new handle it would provide more years of service.



Portable shelter:  $40.  Need to have a picnic in the rain or set up a mobile command center in the shade, I’ve got just what you need.



Amazing Alonzo’s Paperback exchange: I’ve got a lot of credit I’m never going to use ($260+ worth).  The credit seems to work by knocking half of the price of the books you select.  They have a large selection, so give it a go.


House Plants that can kind of live outside for the three two months that are warm here in Duluth.  Last time I moved I brought a bunch of wonderful plants with me, which was a giant pain.  I was able to kill my favorite plant, a pencil cactus, by leaving it in a hot car in Waco.  That is correct, I killed a cactus with heat.  I didn’t even know that was possible.  If you want a rubber tree or some random other house plants let me know.


Set of neoprene waders. These don’t have attached boots so you need to have separate boots. They also fit me, so for most people they are going to be a bit large. They are in good shape and if you just need something to go smelting in these would do the trick.


House Plants


More house plants


Random Kitchen Stuff – need some pots and pans for the camper or cabin, but don’t want to spend any money, we have got the deal for you – free stuff. It may not be in perfect shape but you can’t beat the price.


A large pot with a beer bottle for scale. Or perhaps a beer bottle, if you would rather have that.

Random Kitchen Stuff – need some pots and pans for the camper or cabin, but don’t want to spend any money, we have got the deal for you – free stuff.  It may not be in perfect shape but you can’t beat the price.


Canon IP1700 PIXMA Photo Printer. It works great and is free.


Need a new cat (sold).

Actually right now if you are interested I would let you walk through our house and just make offers on anything.  Need a new cat (sold).  Need some plates (done).  How about a set of pint glasses stolen from the finest bars I could afford (just make an offer).  I think the only thing that isn’t for sale would be baby Katie (and perhaps Rio on most days).  Oh, and Sara too, Sara is not for sale.

So if you would like anything let me know.  I’ll make a deal, especially as we get closer to my moving date.  Heck, I might even deliver the stuff to you if you live in or near DuluthDSC_0692IMG_3499


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