Two days past due date, all I want is a baby (and maybe a burrito)!

Josey Caroline Williams

Josey Caroline Williams makes an appearance before our baby.

So the due date has come and gone and still no baby.  I started writing this post on Friday when it was two days away, then I got distracted by other things until today, a full two days after the due date.  One of the things I got distracted by was everyone else I knew having babies (I knew 3 people I who were due around the same time as us, and a couple of other ones due a bit earlier).  Congrats to my good friends, Jennifer and Spencer and the new addition Josey Caroline.  My facebook page exploded with baby information and baby pictures.  This was a highly adorable form of torture for those of us waiting past our due dates.

3beans crochet n crafts fish hat

yep this is a great hat


Two days after doesn’t really mean anything.  We know she is coming, but for right now, Little Miss remains ensconced in her Mommy, happy and content to play her games of kick the bladder and watch Mommy’s belly jump.  Maybe she wants a little more alone time before she comes into the world a parents and grandparents, dogs and cats, a noise.  We visited the doctor on Friday and from what the doctor said we knew that it would be unlikely that the baby would arrive until well after the weekend.  So what does that mean for us?  We’ll spend a little more time anxiously waiting an arrival.  Perhaps we can do a few more things to get ready.  And we try to relax.  I’m trying to find the right metaphor for what Sara is experiencing, but it is a little difficult for me because it is so outside of my frame of reference.  The idea of waiting and waiting for such a painful, but joyful and transcendent moment likely has no equal in the male psyche.  I’ve had moment of waiting for painful things to occur, and moments to wait for joyful events, but never the interconnected juxtaposition of the two.  I thought about many different things but never did an appropriate metaphor emerge.  Sports, my metaphorical go-to system, don’t work, because while there is both joy and pain and anxious awaiting, I can’t think of any scenario where they all occur together.  So nature metaphors also fail unless you just consider animals giving birth, but I don’t think even that conveys the level of parental anxiety.  I’ll just stick with what it is, childbirth.  We are waiting and will be waiting for a couple of more days perhaps.

To pass the time we had an excellent relaxing weekend.  On Saturday we went to the Kountry Quarthouse, a new(ish) restaurant south of Duluth.  (South of Duluth includes pretty much everywhere, but this particular place was about 10 miles south of town).  We had heard the food was excellent and we were not disappointed.  We had to wait a few minutes because they had been so busy earlier that they kitchen had to regroup.  The show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives had just been here a week earlier, so between the good food and the TV buzz the place was hopping.  We had an fried mac-and-cheese appetizer with tomato jam which was fantastic.  Sara ordered Caprese Sandwich, which was messy but was “perhaps the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten”.  I had a Kentucky Hot Brown, which sounds like something disgusting, but is in fact a plate of cheesy goodness with bacon and turkey and good bread.  Given that the prices were reasonable, I’m pretty sure we will be exploring additional menu items in the distant future.  I would say in the near future, but I’m not sure how much dining out we are going to do once the baby arrives, I’m assuming none for quite some time.  After dinner we went to the movies, where we saw Neighbors.  It was extremely funny, particularly given the main characters are trying to cope with the realities of having a baby and trying to still “be cool”.  Sunday  we decided we should do more relaxing things, so after Sara was able to sleep in we decided to go to the lake.  We packed up the emergency hospital bags and headed off to Traut’s Resort and Sara’s parents.  It was pretty warm so after saying hello to the folks, Sara headed into the lake to float.  It was a pretty fabulous day to float, even with the occasionally patchy sunshine.  I drug out my kayak and floated around with Sara for a long while, getting the kayak ready and practicing the art of getting into the kayak from deeper water.  I’m sure that was quite amusing to watch from shore, as I struggled to first heave myself into the kayak, then tried to figure out how to turn around without totally falling out, or flipping the boat.  While not graceful, I was able to accomplish it. Sara decided she had enough sun, and I headed out to make some casts.  Fishing with light tackle among the branches and aquatic vegetation I caught about 20 bluegill of various sizes (from small to palm size – my palm, which makes them pretty good size). I also caught a couple of smallmouth and largemouth bass. These weren’t any huge fish, but they were fun to catch on the light tackle.  The smallie adds another fish to my kayak life list. The list now includes black crappie, northern pike, bluegill, smallmouth and largemouth bass.  I don’t know if I’m going to get out much more this summer, but when I have been out it has been great fun.
UpEC Lake 008 UpEC Lake 025 UpEC Lake 026 UpEC Lake 022

All this floating and fishing was a particularly good distraction for us, as we wait for Kate.  So Monday came and went with some very hot weather for a second floor apartment with no air conditioning.  I was sweaty and uncomfortable and nobody was punching my internal organs.  I can only imagine how uncomfortable Sara was.  We went for burritos.  We recently got a Chipotle and a Qdoba, yes both appeared at the same time.  Chipotle opened first, increasing my desire for a massive burrito.  Yet, every time I’ve approached the store since they opened (no matter what time of day or even weather) the line has been out the door.  I love burritos but I’m not going to stand in line for an hour for one.  I had a clever idea.  I thought I would wait for Qdoba to open, which I felt would reduce the line for Chipotle.  So yesterday my burrito quest took me by the newly opened Qdoba with a line around the parking lot, with a mouth and stomach primed for burritos, thinking that Chipotle would be mostly empty.  I was wrong.  The line there was still out the door.  I JUST WANT A GODDAMN BURRITO.  So that left me with Burrito Union, the local place which I’ve always thought had great beer, but mediocre burritos.  Again I my burrito dreams were thwarted.  While there was no line, there were significant menu changes.  What I should have done was stick to my guns and gotten the burrito I always get. I also should have known better, because the line at Chipotle had two weeks before driven me to the Burrito Union, where I was overwhelmed slightly confused by the new menu and made a poor choice.  This time I chose a beef burrito (usually I have the spicy shredded pork).  They had two choice for beef, burger or steak.  Thinking that burger would mean ground beef (with some sort of spicy seasonings perhaps) I went with that choice (as it was also more economical).  What I receive was what tasted like a Whopper chopped up and stuffed into a burrito.  The only taste of the burger where the charring from the grill (and even that was overdone).  ALL I WANT IS A GODDAMN BURRITO THAT TASTES GOOD.  Sara made her usual safe choice in pork tacos, which while not amazing, were at least good through consistency.  The heat and the lack of burritos got to me a little bit, and I spent the rest of the evening reading my book, and making sure Sara was doing OK.  Sleep on Monday night was a bit fitful with so many fans going to knock down the heat.  But then Tuesdays started and other than a headache for Sara everything has remained status quo.


Aside from the babies arrival both of us are trying do our jobs well.  For me this means a lot of writing and applying for jobs.  I’ve recently gotten some very good lead on career opportunities.  These will likely put our show on the road to a new city or perhaps even a new country.  It is the nature of things that all of these events will coalesce into the narrowest possible time frame.  It doesn’t matter much, because there is no alternative.  Move forward, face the future with cheerful reverence and Que Sera, Sera!


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