Gone Grapey Gone


the greatest pop ever invented

I am currently lamenting the loss of my favorite soda: Welch’s Grape Soda.  I could complain about the lack of summer (since it has been foggy and 50 for more than a week), but I am going to complain about grape pop.  I love grape pop, more than any other type of soda.  It is/was the greatest.  The flavor was awesome, but what I really loved was the blue foam.  Poured into a glass it would fizz and foam and as the foam settled it would leave a fantawelchs-grape-soda-bottlestic blue residue.  It also has some great feelings and memories that went along with it (Dad would let us pick a soda when we helped him load the pop machines at school, and I away chose Welch’s Grape Soda).  Cans and cans of grape pop passed my lips.  So the summer when Mountain Dew came out with a grape version I drank a lot of it.  Two a day for a while.  It was a summer of field work and fish and grape mountain dew, and perhaps the best working summer ever.  The caffeine and soda got to be a problem and after that summer I quit both for almost a year.  Sugary soda and I have had a love-hate relationship.  There were the grape energy drinks that got me through the middle part of my dissertation.  There were the times when I felt like the sugar drag me down as the caffeine pushed me up. So mostly I quit drinking pop.  I switched my caffeine source to Crystal Lite Energy, and when they came out with grape, I was set.  The one thing I can’t quit is the occasional grape soda.  I has become my treat and the occasional guilty pleasure.  So image my dismay when I Welch’s Grape Soda disappeared from the Duluth grocery-scape.  There are a number of groceries around town that we go to, but everywhere I used to find Welch’s it was no more.  I could usually find Grape Crush or Sunkist Grape, but these were pale imitations of the real deal.  Like getting Dr. Thunder or Mister Pib, when you really want a Dr. Pepper.  And speaking of Dr. Pepper, it is the Dr. Pepper-7UP-Snapple bottling group that has decided to stop making or distributing Welch’s Grape.  Oh the horror.  So I’ve had to unwillingly switch brands.  And then this week, I am at the store ready for my fix and it is not to be found.  Not even any shit brands.  It is possible that my grocery store choice was too upscale, maybe people in the Northland don’t like grape pop.  So I stopped at a Quickie-Mart, and again no grape pop, and another, and another and another grocery store and still no grape pop.  Finally at the grocery store near my house I was able to find a 2-liter of grape Crush.  It wasn’t my favorite but it had to do.  So I got some grape pop to feed my jones.  But that doesn’t solve my problem, Welch’s Grape Pop no longer exists.  Crap.  Well I guess I could be aggravated by worse things.  

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