Opening Day in Cincinnati

Opening Day in Cincinnati

At last the long March ends
with the flowering of a new season
ripe with hope and possibilities

Triumphantly trumpeting along the promenade,
A new march begins to the verdant field
A parade like no other

A local holiday to celebrate the season
to hope, to hotdogs, to hometowns, to heros,
to our game, to baseball.

The diamond awaits the first feet of spring
to churn up those well known aromas, like old friends
grass and dirt, wood and leather, rosin and wool

Three up and three down, now lets get some runs
Ducks on the pond, lets bring them home
Lets get two, wadda ‘ya say boys

The whirl of the ball, quickly twisting
The whoosh of the bat, finding nothing to contact
The snap of ball into glove. Strike

Crack of wood on seamed leather
the crowd, with breath held in anticipation
ready to burst to roaring

As the small sphere sails forth, speeding, arcing
beyond the defenses grasping gloves   
over the walls, into cheering, stinging hands

The crowd, young and old, celebrate the day,
rounding third and heading for home,
Because this Day belongs to the Reds!


Since I’m 800 miles away in Duluth, MN, here is my contribution to the Opening Day Festivities.

A original poem in 9 stanzas (with three lines) – with a nod to Marty and Joe.Chicago 2013 2256Cincinnati Redsdugout opening dayoepingin day

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