A special haiku Friday announcement!

Real, visceral life
Grows, awaiting joyful days
From winter life springs

Yep, its a baby!

Yep, its a baby!

An event of life
A new someone makes us three
Welcome to the world.

Tiny fingers move
with ethereal flutters
Joyful we emote.

Baby fingers

Baby fingers

Boy or girl, don’t know
Goes one way or the other,
Healthy is the dream

What the future holds
That I cannot know, except
Always there is love.

Sara and Jason
and add a bouncing baby
makes a family



arms and legs

Today I move away from the normal Friday haikus, where I complain about the weather or the dog, to celebrate life. A week away from getting married and 4 months from fatherhood.  It is going to be a big year.  Lots of changes for Sara and I, but the future could not look any brighter.  It turns out, for me, the WHO of life and how you spend it, is ultimately more important than WHERE.  But saying that, I’d better get back to work, because while I have much of my life figured out, I still need to find that (permanent) dream job.

So just to leave you with something a bit more fun, I thought of this one as I got dressed this morning.

Is it ironic,
to wear spawn till you die T
to OB visit?

spawn till you die

Art by Ray Troll

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