Cat and Dog Life.

So I’m walking down the steps and Rio and Mosley come sprinting after me. Rio heads down the steps hot on Mosley’s heals. Mosley then leaps for the railing on the landing with the blanket draped over it. He only makes his front paws over the railing. This causes the blanket to slide off the railing while the cat is clawing his way toward the top. This plan isn’t going well for him, because the blanket is falling faster than he can un-stick his claws from the threads of the blanket. So everything is falling, cat and blanket, toward the hard wood stairs 10 feet below. Also below is a very excited Rio, who has just noticed a flying cat on a blanket hurtling towards her. Luckily, for everyone involved, I find myself in the middle of this disaster, just as it unfolds. I catch Mosley just before he plummets to certain injury (he is now falling back first because his claws are hooked into the blanket). At the same time I’m able to hold him and fend off Rio, who would have certainly added insult to injury by barking and licking (or perhaps nibbling him) after he fell, thus also saving Rio from a full-on, claws out cat freak out. Of course what does Mosley do to thank me, claw up my arm and over my shoulder to get back up the steps to his fish tank top perch. Rio of course just switches her excitement from Mosley to outside, at which point I have to inform her, that she has already been “out” twice this morning, and that I have to go to work. Also lucky, is that I was wearing a long sleeve fleece, as short-sleeves would have no doubt resulted in several claw related woundings for the Mosley catch and release. So in other words, just a normal day leaving the house. I live an weird world.




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