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How a Lemon Shark Inspired a Career in Aquatic Toxicology or What I Am Doing with My Life.

”I had dreamed of becoming a scientist in general, and a paleontologist in particular, ever since the Tyrannosaurus skeleton awed and scared me at New York’s Museum of Natural History when I was 5 years old.” – Stephen Jay Gould, … Continue reading

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Cat and Dog Life.

So I’m walking down the steps and Rio and Mosley come sprinting after me. Rio heads down the steps hot on Mosley’s heals. Mosley then leaps for the railing on the landing with the blanket draped over it. He only … Continue reading

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A Series of Fish Haikus

A Friday ode to fish… in haiku form of course. Darting diamond scales / shiners small silver forms flash / bright blips below Roiling riffle roll / darters dance, flash fluorescent / vibrant nuptial hues Tiny but not alone / … Continue reading

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Seat Heaters are the worst car innovation.

I hate seat heaters.  It isn’t because they don’t work; but rather because they work that I hate them.  They work too well.  They allow you a level of heat that is inconstant with the outside and the entire rest … Continue reading

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