Cold, cold, cold, cold, cold

Too cold to function
Welcome climactic extreme
Frost inside the house

It looks like it could be -30 without wind-chill. I think we will go for a walk… or maybe snowshoe through the park. Or maybe go out and make naked snow angels.

sunny snow

At least there is football. I’m pretty sure if it wouldn’t make Rio have a bladder infection (because absolutely won’t pee in the house until it is well past emergency status) that I would rather clean up a days worth of dog urine than go outside.  The Governor of Minnesota has already called off school for Monday, stating that it is too dangerous to for children to go outside to travel to school.  This is where the cold weather advocates lose.  Many people from this area suggest that cold weather is better than hot weather because you can always wear more clothing to keep warm.  However, I have never once heard of a Governor calling off school for an entire state because it was too hot.  I hate cold. I hate snow. I really hate ice. Unfortunately, I really love science and the environment and fish, and the best place to do that research has a climate to match my whitest nightmare. So, here I am in Duluth, MN (which at least isn’t as cold as other places in the state which might reach -50 or North Dakota where the temperatures are supposed to reach -60 with blizzard like winds.  This cold snap is early in winter.  Many local friends (and the newspaper) have pointed out that this weather makes Northern Minnesota currently colder than the surface of Mars and also colder than the North and South Poles.  The good news is, the heat works in my apartment, and I work inside. The bad news is sooner or later I’ve got to pay a heat bill and that will likely suck like a wallet vampire.  Sara Lee is here too, so that make things better.  We can go stir crazy (sing in Muppet voice: I got cabin fever, I got cabin fever…).

I’m going to get some beer and go home and snuggle with my best friend (Rio) and the love of my life (Sara Lee) and perhaps some indifferent kitties will join in (but only for warmth) and hope the TV doesn’t go out.  Cause in the words of Homer Simpson – no TV and no Beer make Homer something something…

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