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A New Focus Mantra

So after yesterday’s rant, several excellent comments, some quiet contemplation and some hammering on heavy hard objects, I have found a new mantra that I think will help me focus:  Lament not what you cannot have, but focus on what … Continue reading

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The Brain-Drain Conundrum Rant

Having written previously about the brain-drain in federal agencies, I feel this is kind of redundant, but I keep hearing about it so I keep getting aggrieved by it.  Today started off good.  Good because I had a productive meeting … Continue reading

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The Engagement Story of Jason and Sara

While the government shutdown has been looming large in my life, another major event has been looming larger, my love for Sara Lee.  And for those of you that don’t know, I am not declaring my everlasting love to a … Continue reading

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Day 5 of the Government Shutdown: a chronicle and rant kind of day

Day 5 of the government shutdown chronicles, this time I’m blogging about it.  Today I was determined to be productive.  I awoke early, walked Rio and got a jump on the day. What actually happened was that I got out … Continue reading

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