Jason and Sunglasses

So today I found some sunglasses in the Rambler.  This in and of itself is not unusual, as I normally have between 3 and 6 pairs of sunglasses in my car at all times.  What is unusual is that the sunglasses do not belong to me.  They are found glasses.  Normally I would consider found sunglasses in excellent shape a simple boon to my sunglasses collection (after an appropriate level of effort expelled in finding their actual owner), but these glasses were prescription.sunglasses found 2 sunglasses found  Since my eyesight is still correction free, I have no use for these glasses, plus I’ve heard that any prescription lenses and frames can get sort of pricy.  The purpose of this post is therefore to try to find their owner.  While the readership of this blog is relatively small (but loyal), their network extends beyond my reach to friends, family, and coworkers who might know to whom these glasses belong.  They are men’s glasses, but could be worn by woman (particularly if she was a fighter pilot or police officer).  They were in a hard case with SunGear printed on the top and inside.  The glasses themselves have some markings, but nothing beyond frame information and trademark things.

I have several theories about how these glasses ended up in my car.  Almost always it is the simplest explanation that is the correct one, so we will start simple and move towards the ridiculous.  The easiest explanation is that they belong to my Dad and were left in my car after either this summer’s baseball trip or my folks visit to Duluth.  They then rattled around and were hidden from view for several months, including several significant cleaning efforts on my part.  They also could belong to a number of different friends and coworkers, who’ve recently (within the last few months) caught a ride in the Rambler.  For both scenarios the translocation would be simple, as sunglasses often fall out of purses or get put out of the way when the sun is not so bright (for example at night, unless you are Corey Hart).  The next scenario revolves around the unknown Good Samaritan.  This person, seeing a pair of sunglasses near my car thought they belonged to me and placed them into my car, either though an open window or door.  This, of course, could have occurred anywhere I have traveled over the months since I got the Rambler, but likely it occurred pretty recently.  It has only been with the recent upturn in temperature that I’ve left the windows on my car open, and I almost never leave the doors unlocked.  The most likely places are the work parking lot and Sara’s folks lake place, two places were I don’t feel obligated to either lock my doors or put up my windows.  If this is the case, hopefully someone will recognize and or know who has lost these sunglasses.  The last and least plausible, but not impossible, is that somewhere in my travels I have collected these glasses, unconsciously hording them into my collection.  This is a thing I’ve been known to do, particularly with things like Sharpies or pens or Legos.  Without even thinking sometimes I gather these things into my horde, only to awaken at some point to realize that I suddenly have 200 Sharpie markers (90% of which I recently donated to a lovely non-profit agency) or have accumulated 20 pairs of sunglasses.

Sunglasses are one of my foibles. I don’t like expensive or flashy sunglasses, but the ones I do have must have scratch-free lenses.  Once they are scratched, they are done.  I used to pass them on to my Dad or just leave them places, but recently I’ve started a sunglass grave yard, in a large lidded glass bowl with a bit of beach sand in the bottom.  I feel this weird sentimental attachment to the old glass, so much so that I don’t really want to give them up, but not so much that I can wear them anymore (since they contain scratched lenses).  The sunglass memorial shrine seemed like a good compromise to me (although it may just be that I’m slightly nut-bars).  A caricature of me, done for my sister’s high school graduation, pictured me with three separate pairs of sunglasses.  Sunglasses have been a thing since I was little, wanting emulate Snoopy in his Joe Cool persona.  joe coolThis is one of my long standing foibles, and rather than work on correcting it, I just went with it, figuring of quirks to have this one was pretty mild and harmless.  The current crop is around 15, with most of my favorites being from www.Knockaround.com .fortknocks-matteblacksunset-main_2 shark attack sunglasses  The company make good quality sunglasses without being terribly expensive, plus they have a huge number of different lenses and frame colors all within my favorite “wayfarer” style.  There black Friday sale last year may have been my favorite sunglass day of all time. I got 8 pairs of sunglasses for $80, in 8 different styles and free shipping.  It was a red-letter day for my peccadilloes when that package arrived.  Of course it was in the middle of a bleak winter, but it turns out that plastic sunglasses good for wearing when it is cold and sunny (the snow is highly reflective and sunglasses are must for winter sunny days – which are plentiful in Duluth).

So to conclude this rambling post about sunglasses, if you know who these glasses belong to please let me know so that I can return them to their owners and they don’t have to become part of my sunglass shrine.  Cheers, Jason

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