A man struggles in the darkness until he realizes that the sun will always rise.

This morning I awoke to find myself afflicted with an inexorable sadness. A core penetrating melancholy; the kind where tears well unwarranted and unprovoked. The weeks events, horrifying but not the root, the upwelling sources deeper. I push and push and cannot pack the feelings away, back into the controlled simple boxes stacked neatly in my soul. The tumult of this emotional treasure trove has over-flown vassal. It is the kind of day where even the oxytocin induction loving pet of a loyal friend can only delay the on rushing tide. Don’t touch me, but please hold me. Don’t watch my tears, but be the shoulder upon which they are shed. Maybe I can hold it back, a caloric influx to drive demons back into the Pandoric box of emotions from whence it was brought forth. But even if dyke is plugged momentarily, the added weight sandbagging my soul, threatening to topple the whole earthen-works. But still I build. How do I fix this broken levy? One wet damn step at a time. Let the water seep out, the flood will pass. I am strong, built to withstand these temporal inundations. Time and teachers, pain and parents, love and lovers, the roots and foundation upon which I am. So bring todays tears, and tomorrows and tomorrows, am not afraid. Falter, though I might today, there is a dawn and new strength on the horizon. Changes and challenges, objectives and obstacles, struggles and strength, life and living, heartache and hope. Just keep on… Rio

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