Snow and Spring and Other things

I feel the need to stop complaining about the snow. I moved to this place on purpose (although for a job not the weather). I knew the job was dangerous when I took it. But that being said. I HATE SNOW. I REALLY HATE APRIL SNOW.  Family in Cincinnati and St. Louis have 60-70s with spring showers, green and flowers.  Portland is cooler, but not so much as to keep Mark off the water and catching salmon and sturgeons.  Texas friends have already harvested some vegetables out of their garden. I haven’t seen something green and growing since October.  I thought I had cabin fever a few weeks ago, but what I have now is bordering on psychosis.  I need warm and green.  A crocus. A daffodil. A tulip. A new blade of grass.  None. Just blue green pines, a giant lake of swirling blues and browns and ice, and white, grey snow and slush

Freighter on Superior Ice

Freighter fighting the ice leaving Duluth

It snowed more this weekend.  After snowing so much on Thursday and Friday that work was canceled (a good 14 inches by Friday night), more snow was on tap for Sunday.  At first it didn’t look like much, a first just a fog upon the lake.  Then it moved in, whiting out the view for much of Sunday evening, preventing me from seeing the ships stalled on Superior, waiting for the ice to break up after the storm.

Last night it was another 4 inches of snow, drifting in the high winds.  That brought the weekend to around 16 inches, the month to 24, and 70 inches since February 1st.  I feel like I have been somehow transported to Westeros and true to the Stark words the long Winter is now upon us.  I also think that somehow things would be better if I had a giant long sword to sharpen, as I looked upon the snowy vista.  But alas I am not a Stark, and the bastards who seek to grind me down are all in my head. JoinTheRealm_instagram

dont let the bastards
I can only hope that snows of April break, and green reappears in my life.  Let’s hope that the snowy, cold April is not the harbinger of a wet muddy May and June (like last year).

I had to wake myself from dreaming this morning. I could have lazed in bed all day dreaming about life and things real and unreal.  I could have dreamt the day away. But I got up. I put away the dream world, to face the real. I set aside battles with fire breathing monster to face my own real paper dragon. Slogging through the snow and slush to the fluorescent cube. Now if I could just write something.  Well I did just write this, so that is a start.

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